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Belong: “To fit in a specified place or environment.”

Belonging is an important part of our lives. Every human being has something that creates a sense of belonging in his or her life, and everyone needs a place and a people with whom they connect, a place to call “home.”A sense of belonging dictates our level of confidence. Try as we might, we cannot function without others, as we are social beings. The moment we are born and bonded with our parents, the social cycle of inclusion begins. Family, relatives, schools, friends, relationships, societies and work become a part of us. The people we connect with confirm our being and reinforce our culture and identity.

At Desert Stream we want you to discover a place where you can connect with others, a place where you belong and a family you fit in to. It is our sincere passion that you accept the invitation of Jesus to, “Cast all of your cares upon him for He cares for you!” We hope that you discover in Desert Stream a connection to a family and a place where you belong.

As you accept the invitation to connect with our family, it is our desire that you will discover that you “Belong” to God as well.

We have established the following, to provide access to our family no matter your age, gender or place in your journey with God. Please feel free to try us on and discover a family you can call home.

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