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“Be convinced of, trust, have confidence in, consider honest, consider truthful. To regard as true, accept, give credence to, credit, trust, put confidence in.”

Belief in God is so much more than simply acknowledging that He exists and that we are his creation, it is faith that He has created me with certain qualities, talents and abilities that are unique and that make me – me! A life of faith is therefore a life of discovery, of unraveling the mystery of me, and allowing God to reveal the true me. True belief in God is therefore a celebration of God and of who God made me to be.

At Desert Stream we are committed to you discovering God and discovering you. We are focused on enabling you to discover the person God made you to be. We desire that you come to see the wonderfully talent, gifted and anointed person that you are, a person placed on earth with great purpose and destiny.

It is our firm conviction and experience that, if you don’t know God, He ends up looking a lot like you, but as you truly believe in God you start looking a lot like Him! In other words when a person doesn’t know God, their image of God is shaped by their own experiences and perceptions and thus their idea of God is a being who is a lot like themselves; sharing all their ideas and imperfections. But as we grow in our faith and come to truly know God, He begins to change us and mold us and then we end up looking a lot like Him.

We have designed the following to strengthen your faith, to help you more deeply understand the God of the universe and the person He has made you to be.

Band of Brothers (Men’s Life Groups)
Women of the World (Ladies Life Groups)
Family Groups (coming soon)